1. Integrity

The state of authenticity when our values and behavior are aligned. Integrity happens when what we value is evident in our actions.

2. Failure Leads to Success

Failure provides the information we need to learn so we can succeed.

3. Speak with Good Purpose

Speaking in a manner that moves the group or us forward.  Being responsible for honest and direct communication and focusing on truth-telling, stating assumptions and maintaining integrity.

4. This Is It!

The commitment to focus our attention on the present moment and the willingness to make whatever we are doing the most important – to live in the now!

5. Commitment

The ability to follow our vision without wavering, staying true to the desired course.

6. Ownership

The quality of accountability and responsibility.  The ability to be counted upon and the willingness to take responsibility for the choices we make.

7. Flexibility

The ability to change what we are doing to achieve the desired outcome. Flexibility allows us to choose the best option to accomplish the outcome.

8. Balance

When mind, body and emotions function in alignment.  Balance comes from the ongoing adjustments we make to continue moving in a positive, healthy direction


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