Communication Skills

Don-Miguel-Ruiz-The-Four-Agreements-Book-Cover-originalRead:  The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

1)     Be Impeccable With Your Word

2)     Don’t Take Anything Personally

3)     Don’t Make Assumptions

4)     Always Do Your Best

CEEBS Consulting Business Communication Workshops:

In business as well as in your personal life, it is imperative that you acquire effective communication skills.  Your communication is a key component of your brand.

Communication takes on many forms:

  • Via Email
  • Body Language (Silent communication through Postures etc.)
  • Displays of Physical Emotions (Smiles, Frowns)
  • Verbal Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Sign Language (For example: Thumbs Up for Go and Thumbs down for No Go)
  • Texting and so on

Our workshops will review all types of communication and many strategies for getting your point across in the most professional and effective manner possible.

Public speaking is one of the best ways to enhance your leadership and management skills.  We will review the best practices of speaking well, engaging your audience and being taken seriously.

To command and audience and build trust in a matter of minutes is a craft and well sought after skillset.  It takes time to hone this skill and we have the best practices and materials to share with you.  The ability to effectively study the subject matter material, get to know your audience and spending time preparing is what makes you believable and entertaining.

Time is precious, in most cases you have a little time to make a huge impact.  Let us show you how it is done. We have tried and true methods to effectively communicate to all audiences across the globe.

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