Employee Recognition



Cost Saving Measures

Describe the ideas which will result in a cost saving measure.

“I noticed we are spending X amount on paper towel in the restroom. I met with a vendor who can save us X amount by purchasing his company’s motion sensor air hand dryer machine. The cost benefit analysis report resulted in a break-even point in three months. It is sanitary and better for the environment.”

Improved Productivity

“On our dough cutter line, I measured the amount of output at X speed. If we increase the speed by X, we will produce more X and increase our productivity by X. The cost benefit analysis report resulted in an increase in revenue by X.”

Improved and Increased Morale

“I suggested an Employee Birthday recognition program to Human Resources by way of an announcement on the company television on the first of the month and company newsletter.”

“I proposed an annual company and family member picnic with games and moon bouncers at a local park. We have the names of volunteers to chair this committee. They will meet two times per month for one hour, and the event will increase employee morale.”

Random Acts of Kindness

“I observed a random act of kindness displayed by: ________________________”

Employee photo and R.A.K event is described on the form and submitted to Human Resources by the last day of the month. Recognition will be reflected in the quarterly newsletter and company television announcements.


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