Influencing Skills

The first step toward success is identifying your own leadership strengths.

LeadershipFree assessment:

    1. Communication is built on trusting relationships
    2. Motivation can never be forced.  People have to want to do a good job.
    3. There’s nothing more effective than showing genuine interest in others.
    4. Step outside of yourself to discover what’s important to someone else.
    5. Team players are the leaders of tomorrow.
    6. Truly respecting others is the bedrock of motivation.
    7. People work for money, but go the extra mile for praise and recognition.
    8. Be quick to admit mistakes and slow to criticize.  Above all be constructive.
    9. Set goals that are clear, challenging and obtainable.
    10. Leaders never lose their focus.  They keep their eyes on the big picture.
    11. Consistently high performance comes from the balance between work and leisure.
    12. Gain strength from the positive and don’t be sapped by the negative.
    13. Tame your worries and energize your life.
    14. Never underestimate the power of enthusiasm.


Ice Breaker:

  • Review Strengths from Assessment
  • Discuss:  Bring Yourself to Work – translating it to your contribution to the company mission statement.
  • Discuss:  The Importance of Employee Engagement

Table Topic:

  • Video – Difference between a Manager and a Leader
  • Activity:  Managing Stress

Best Practices: 

  • Discussion: The importance of professional development, project management and process improvement.

End State Goal Activity:

  • How has your knowledge of Influencing Others improved as a result of this workshop?
  • Role Playing:  Show interest in co-workers, identify a cost saving measure, plant and process improvement.  Volunteer to facilitate an event and solicit support.


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